I had hoped to post part II of my GenCon feedback this week, but unfortunately, I’m a little busy. “On what, you say?” Well, might as well spill the beans:

We’re announcing the Open Beta of the Skeleton Crew RPG, coming out this Fall. We can’t give the exact date yet, but anyone who’s interested will receive a free sneak-peek version of the game. (Did we mention it’s free?!?)

Speaking of Sneak Peak, I thought it’d be a good idea to give you a tiny peek. Why? Because we want the phrasing to be just perfect, and we’d love your opinion on the following section. Which section?

Gender. We here at Tangent Artists want to do our best to recognize that gaming isn’t a “boys only” club… it’s not even a “boys and girls only” club. Here’s the short excerpt:


When you’re creating your character, take a moment to consider your character’s gender, genders, or lack of gender. Your character can have the same gender identity as you, or something completely different. We encourage players to keep an open mind about how their characters, and characters belonging to other players, choose to identify themselves. Also, feel free to think outside the limitations of reality; considering Skeleton Crew is a world of magic and super-science, it is perfectly possible for a character to change their own chromosomes with the flick of a switch, or the flick of a wand.


Currently the rulebook has many instances of “him & her” and “his and her,” although we’ll try to replace most of them with “them” and “their.”  We probably won’t get them all by Beta, I’m afraid.

So please, tell us what you think. Can we phrase it better? Is there anyone / any gender-related topic we’ve left out? Let us know.

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