Skeleton Crew RPG – Now OPEN!


You heard me, playtesting for the Skeleton Crew rpg is now open! Click here, send us a comment, and receive a free copy of the rulebook, in all of it’s gruesome glory.

In the meanwhile, this week I’m sharing with you our feedback sheet- mostly for those who are helping with the playtest, but also in case anyone out there wants to use it as a basis for their own feedback forms. Likewise, we’re not above suggestions: is there a vital question we missed? Let us know!

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Part 1: Getting to Know YOU

Name (Or, if you prefer, Internet Handle or “Anonymous”):

Email (Or put Anonymous):

Gender(s) (Optional):

Your Age Range: 8-12     13-17     18-24     25-34     35-44     45-54     55-64     65+

How many years have you spent playing RPGs? (If this was your first, put “0”):

Have you ever run games as a Games Master (GM) or Dungeon Master (DM)? If yes, for roughly how many years?:

How many different RPG rules system have you played? (i.e. Fate, D&D, Apocalypse World)? What are some of your favorites?

Have you played any other Fate games before? If so, which one(s), and what was your reaction to them?:

PART 2 – Exposure

How thoroughly did you read the Skeleton Crew rulebook? Pick an option below, or write your own:
Didn’t read it, but my GM did.    I skimmed through it.     I read all of it/ nearly all of it at least once.            I went over it with a fine-tooth comb.

How thoroughly did you get to play the Skeleton Crew game? Pick an option below, or write your own:
Have yet to play it.          I played 1-2 games.         I have played 3+ games, or a short campaign.     I could play it in my sleep!

If you have played any Skeleton Crew games, were you the GM for any of them? If so, how many?

Part 3 – Breakdown

As a reminder, the sections of the Skeleton Crew Rulebook are:

Chapter 1 – Team Creation – Character Creation, Skills, Intrinsic Magic, Team Creation, Team Spirit, Fate Core Review
Chapter 2 – Basic Mortal States – Human, Undead, Dhampir, Vampire, Zombie, Wight, Mummy, Construct, Ghost, Fey, Other Races
Chapter 3 – Basic Professions – Slayer, Researcher, Priest, Mystic, Paranormal Exterminator, Survivor, Other Professions.
Chapter 4 – Magic – Elements, Drawback Aspects, Weaponized Magic, Specialized Magic, Derived Magic, Sorcerors (different types,) Exorcists, Miracles & Prayers, Liches, Magic Stunts, FancyMancy List
Chapter 5 – Shapeshifting – Werebeasts
Chapter 6 – Gear – Gear as Aspects, Implied Gear, Gear as Stunts, Multi-fuction Gear, Gear as Extras, Flexi-stunts, Evil Lairs, Vehicles, Power Suits, Building Gear, Building from Scratch, Mad Scientist
Chapter 7 – Companions – Constant Companions, Medium, Temporary Companions, Summoners
Chapter 8 – Testing Fate – Round 0,  Final Round, Recovery, Random Elements, Stuntmaker
GM Section – Chapter 9 – The Team – Guiding Character Creation, Team Spirit
Chapter 10 – The City – World Aspects, Public Reaction, New Manchester, Friends & Foes, Allies, Nemesis Organizations, Good Guys, Faces & Places, Completing the Puzzle, Random Mancunians, Urban Legends
Chapter 11 – The Mission – Dispensing Missions, Adventure Generator, Comedy, Horror, Tragedy, Death.
Chapter 12 – Bestiary – Immunities – Threats, Obstacles, Oddities
Chapter 13 – 101 Story Ideas
Chapter 14 – Sample Sdventure – Panic at the Pizzeria
Chapter 15 – Reference Charts

Length: Which parts of the rulebook, if any, felt too long, superfluous, or distracting? How would you fix it?

Length: Which parts of the rulebook, if any, felt too short or incomplete? How would you fix it?

Length: Which parts of the rulebook, if any, felt like the perfect length?

Complexity: Did you find any part of the book too confusing? If so, did you have trouble with the concept, or the phrasing?

Complexity: Did you find any part of the book too simple? If, what improvements would you like to see?

Complexity: If you had any trouble with the rules, do you believe that reprinting the Fate Core rules (making SC a standalone rulebook instead of an expansion), would make it easier to understand?

Originality: Compared to other rulebooks you’ve seen, did the content feel:
Unoriginal (Seen it Before)          Somewhat Original (Satisfactory)              Groundbreaking!             Other:

Tone: Did you feel the rulebook was too serious, too silly, or just right? What overall feel did it give you?

Art: Did the artwork match the tone of the book? Would you change anything about the art size or frequency?

Overall: What were some of your favorite parts of the book?

Overall: What parts of the book did you like the least / felt needed the most revision? How would you fix it?

Overall: Is there anything you would recommend adding to the book?

Editing: Are there any large editing / formatting issues that bothered you?*

*If doing a thorough, line by line edit, please submit as a separate document, or add your notes to the word document version of the playtest with the “Mark Changes” button marked.


How would you rate this product overall? (1 worst, 5 best)
1              2              3              4              5

What age ranges would you recommend this product for?
Your Age Range: 8-12     13-17     18-24     25-34     35-44     45-54     55+

Describe who you think the target audience for this product is. Would you consider yourself a part of that group?

For each of the following categories, add the price that seems best to you:

Low (Bargain / Sale Price) Normal Highest You’d Pay

Would you recommend reprinting the Fate Core rules (making SC a standalone rulebook instead of an expansion)? If so, given that the size would increase to 400-600 pages, please record which prices you’d pay for the expanded book.

Low (Bargain / Sale Price) Normal Highest You’d Pay Too Much!

In which format would you most likely purchase this rulebook?
PDF        Soft Cover           Hardcover           Would not Buy

Would you recommend this product to others? Y / N / Other

If you answered yes to the above, we’d appreciate it if you give us a quote. In the space below, describe the game, as if you were convincing one of your friends to join you. (Complete sentences would be fantastic.)

How did you hear about this game?

PART 5 – Kickstarter

If/when this game appears on Kickstarter, what additional content/merchandise would you like to see as additional patron levels / stretch goals?

If we hired guest star writers to write stretch goal content, which authors would excite you the most? Do you know any game authors that would make a good “fit” for this rulebook?

Would you be interested in creating additional stretch goal content? If so, briefly list your gaming / writing experience.

We feel that Fate Core is a perfect fit for Skeleton Crew. However, are there any other rpg systems out there that you would recommend as a basis for future TA games?

Would you be interested in receiving notices for other Tangent Artist Tabletop games and kickstarters?
Yes         No          Only the RPG related ones

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