What is Skeleton Crew RPG?: Skeleton Crew RPG is a role playing game setting that takes the most terrifying creatures from the corners of your nightmares, and turns them into- a light-hearted adventure. In SCRPg, players can play as zombies, vampires, mummies, and other classic monsters- draw inspiration from your favorite myths, comics and B-movies. Of course, these supernatural hunter teams don’t have to be exclusively undead- your team might have a human or two, whose training will not be invaluable- perhaps you’ll be teamed up with a slayer, a researcher, a priest, even a spellcaster?

sc Issue-7-cover

What is the setting?: The game takes place in the city of New Manchester, a creepy East Coast metropolis overflowing with ancient curses, sunken fishmen ruins, and laboratories full of mad scientists. Luckily, you’re not alone in your quest- there are allied groups, like the scholars of Hubris U, the magical order of P.O.O.F., or the pious Convocation.

What rules will it use?: SCRPG uses the Fate Core as its basis. You’ll need the Fate Core rulebook to play.  It’s available at the Evil Hat  website.

What’s in the rulebook?: The rulebook provides our own twist of the Fate Core skill list and group rules; a guidebook for dynamic Mortal States and Professions; a Bestiary for traditional and hilariously oddball monsters; preset Faces and Places of New Manchester, as well as how to make it your own; the simple three-step Magic system; take your pick of two easy systems for Gear; and a preset, ready to play adventure with characters.

When can I play?: Beta testing is expected to open on October 1st– Connect us if you’re interested! Expect the full game to be released within the next two years.

Where can I find out more about the Skeleton Crew?: For updates on the game, stay tuned to this blog.

Wait, there’s a comic too?: The rpg is based on the comic Skeleton Crew- there are currently eight full issues, with another page added every Monday. Read it for free at

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